The Docentus Group is a leadership development and organizational improvement firm dedicated to developing leaders and creating improvement for our clients.  We have extensive experience in serving small and large corporations, emergency service providers, non-profit organizations, public and private education systems and governmental entities.

What we do and how we do it: 

By utilizing a wide variety of experiential learning techniques, developmental processes and quality management tools, we equip people and organizations with the mindset and tools needed to identify and eliminate the gaps between performance expectations and actual outcomes.

Be it through learning and development, individual coaching or consultation services our processes are impacting, effective and consistently yield improvement toward the targeted goals of our clientele.

Increasing the value of our clientele’s human capital is our top priority.  We accomplish this by:

  • Instilling core leadership principles throughout all we do,
  • Utilizing effective and proven management techniques, and
  • Providing quality improvement tools that are behavior based, measurable, and observable.


Ron Morrison is the founder and CEO of The Docentus Group.

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