The Docentus Coaching Program is specifically designed for leaders.  If you are a top level executive, a person desiring to become top level executive, a business owner, or a person holding a critical leadership position within your organization, our coaching program is designed for you!

Our primary goal is to provide leaders with the tools and mindset needed in order to get what they really want, regardless of what “it” may be.  Realizing that every person’s “wants” are different, coaching provides leaders an opportunity to learn, grow, improve, and work with others on both their personal and organizational leadership journey.

Purposes of Coaching:

  • Coaching is about listening and advising.  Considering that leaders typically have few people to utilize for seasoned advice or for facing the plain truth, coaching provides a safe place for leaders to face tough issues.  It also allows them to grow both personally and professionally.
  • Coaching is about performance.  It is about improving performance so that leaders, and those they lead, perform better. It is about continuous, accelerated, and practical learning accompanied by personal growth as well as identifying and eliminating what stands in the way of success.
  • Coaching is about shaping and creating leadership-based behavior.  It is about learning what is working while eliminating, changing, or nurturing what is not.
  • Coaching is about results.  It is about assisting leaders to turn good intentions into great results and great results into exceptional norms.  Ultimately it is about raising both personal and professional leadership capacity.


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