Exceptional Connections cause and insure meaningful relationships between you and your guests, you and your consumers, you and your customers or you and your stakeholders.

Your organization’s brand, and for that matter the entire perception of your organization, is defined by many factors.  Not the least of which is how your people behave when they interact with your guests, customers, or patrons!  It is this behavior that either grows or depletes an Exceptional Connection.

Exceptional Connection leading to a quality guest experience is key critical for your organization and how your brand interfaces with your guests. 

Exceptional Connection leading to a quality guest experience in order to produce long term patronage are:

  • An understanding of emotional connectivity
  • Hospitality beyond the norm
  • How to create an environment of service and solutions
  • Insuring that everyone who interacts with your brand believes they are truly a guest!

But doesn't everyone know this?  Yes, they do - they just don't act like it!

Exceptional Connections creating a quality guest experience will negatively impact all aspects of your organization’s operational environment as well as the perception of your guests or patrons.

The Docentus answer: Exceptional Connections through QGEM or Quality Guest Experience Management.

QGEM principles is what separates the GOOD from the GREAT and the GREAT from the EXCEPTIONAL.

Ranging from your front line employees to your CEO, The Docentus Group will guide your organization in developing, improving, and executing QGEM principles in all aspects of your operations.  Yes, all aspects, from the production floor to the call center, from the ticket booth to the ride line. 

QGEM principles are based on three fundamental principles of quality, safety, and production.  They positively impact all areas of your operations and how your organization is perceived in the eyes and minds of your guests.

QGEM is not another guest service initiative, it is an entire Quality Guest Experience Management solution.

QGEM will insure that when the question is asked, "Does Your Brand Deserve Loyalty?" the answer will be yes!

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