“Guest service is the most all encompassing term used in my industry today.  The reality is that guest service is a very critical target that is constantly changing based on consumer needs, corporate funding and dedication (or lack thereof) of the staff from which it is executed.  In my 23 years in the entertainment industry, I have been a part of many failed initiatives that have attempted to increase our leadership capacity, improve our management structure, produce  higher levels of guest service and produce a bigger bang for our buck.
Ron Sevart 
President and CEO 
Seattle Space Needle
I can attest to you that the Docentus Group has developed many intangible ways to produce very tangible, measurable and positive results.  The results I have personally seen utilizing this company’s services did not only include better team member morale, which relates to better guest service, but also caused team members (even at the very front line) to start thinking of creative ideas for efficiencies, improvements, and increased productivity.  Again, I am not speaking about what I have seen from a brochure or from a third party….I have personally seen the results in action within my organization.  The key components to solving issues within any organization usually come from within.
Mike Lusky
Amusement Industry Executive
I have participated in many seminars and can truly attest that The Docentus Group does not provide typical cookie cutter training.  In fact, they have delivered exactly what we needed most - tools and techniques that help us to understand and focus on those who make us successful, our people!
Bob Logan
Vice President
Innovative Leisure Partners
The Docentus Group creates a comfortable environment for individuals to share significant concerns and recommendations. Ideas are then presented in a very professional manner while maintaining group safety.  The Docentus Group does a great job.
Douglas Havron
SETTRAC Administrative Director
Preparedness Program
I can attest that he creates high impact organizational development experiences that are easily translated by participants into action. Ron was, without a doubt, instrumental in our successes in the City of Shenandoah in improving our leadership effectiveness and customer service mindset.
Chip VanSteenberg
City Administrator (former)
City of Shenandoah, Texas
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